lol measuring LOVE wow at least Sherlock didn’t convince you to dress like a schoolgirl because it’s the only way he could get the wifi to work

gfdi John you’re a doctor


When life is sad, just beat up a Once-ler. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

The Once-ler

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 "Can we chess together, Charles?"

About the phone straps.
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My favorite Benedict Cumberbatch role - The Creature from Frankenstein

It’s playing around the world again this October so if you haven’t seen it, or have only seen the Victor!batch version, I would highly recommended trying to see it. I liked him before I saw this but this performance truly changed my perceptions of theater and acting altogether, and aside from still having a big gross crush on him I respect him immensely.

I painted this JUST IN CASE we happened to run across him at SDCC (which was unlikely, but hey, wishful thinking) and also because I really wanted to paint the creature again, I love the design of the character a lot.

I’m not really satisfied with it but maybe I’ll revisit it in a few years when my skill level (hopefully) increases :))


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What type of brush do you use to so line less? It's so smoooth


my ink pen!


marvel actors fangirling over other marvel actors


Happy Birthday to the Bugs Bune